3230. Elvis Costello – High Fidelity

Dry the Rain featured on the soundtrack of the film ‘High Fidelity’, so…

2 thoughts on “3230. Elvis Costello – High Fidelity

  1. I went on holiday to Charleston, SC five days after I became Chainee #3230 with this… got chatting to an Englishman, Aaron – half of an acoustic duo (Oh Valentino) who were performing in a bar. He was a 6Music listener and had heard my bumbling chat with RadMac; a few minutes of glory which I ended with a ‘good evening’ to the pair at twenty past two in the afternoon. Aaron and his partner/fellow band member ended up inviting my wife and I as their guests to a local fundraising music festival they were playing. I still say that this was down to them wanting to hang out with an actual Chainee. :/

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