3317. Spear of Destiny – Liberator

From Tracy Jacks to One Eyed Jacks, the album by Spear of Destiny, and a track from said album…

3 thoughts on “3317. Spear of Destiny – Liberator

  1. SOD sax players Micky Donolley and Neil Pyzer were previously in legendary Punk Ska band CASE. see tracks ‘OH’, ‘Bosco’s Pigeons’ and a ‘Live at the BBC 1983’ session posted on Youtube. Now reformed and signed to Damaged Goods Records. They have a new EP entitled ‘Grow or Die’ out now.

  2. God damn you Richard, I’ve been plugging this one for ages and not got it on!! I even missed yesterday’s programme as well, which makes it doubly sickening as I love the song. Hey ho.

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