367. Steely Dan – Hey Nineteen

After 18 comes 19…

Update 21/3/2013: title changed to ‘Hey Nineteen’ from ‘Hey 19’

2 thoughts on “367. Steely Dan – Hey Nineteen

  1. Hi – I suggested Hey 19 by Steely Dan! Mark wasn’t sure if I was his friend Claire who also lives in Southfields, coincidentally. We had a discussion about Greggs the Bakers… August 2010 isn’t the right date though, I’m fairly sure. I think it was more like sometime in 2007! Claire, Southfields, London.

    1. Hi Claire,

      Don’t worry – August 2010 was when this site first started, so is used as the date for the tracks where we don’t have a date. I have more of an idea as to the early dates now but it’ll just take a bit of time to adjust them all.



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