402. Pulp – Common People

Slade School of Art is in London, as is Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design. The latter is mentioned in the lyrics of… Christmas Celebrity Chain – Noddy Holder

One thought on “402. Pulp – Common People

  1. hi .. !
    I was the person who suggested this link , as – at the time , early in The Chain’s history – Mark + Stuart tended to like arty-farty too-clever-by-half links .. !! Because it was the first Chain link , after a 10-day or so Christmas / new year break for the show , mine was a ‘pre-recorded’ Voicemail message , and I didn’t get to speak to the great men .. which I put right soon afterwards , twice , with 2 more Chain appearances …
    … then an 11 year gap until this weekend , with Chain # 8205 , His-Bobness with ‘ Changing of the Guards’ , and a nice chat with Mark ….
    Tim , Stafford

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