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4138. Black Uhuru – Sinsemilla

Septuple link alert:

  1. From The Roots to roots reggae and Black Uhuru.
  2. The singer in The Roots is known as “Black Thought”.
  3. Uhuru is a character in Star Trek. The Roots have a guitarist called Captain Kirk Douglas.
  4. Both bands have featured on soundtracks for driving-based video games: The Roots on Project Gotham Racing, and Black Uhuru on Grand Theft Auto.
  5. Both bands are Grammy award winners.
  6. Plants have roots, and Black Uhuru sing a song about a “plant” known as Sinsemilla.
  7. Sinsemilla comes from the spanish phrase “sin semilla” which means “without seeds”.

Bonus recursive link: from The Roots to a song suggested by Gayton “Roots Bloody Roots” Peawell…